What Exactly Is TPS?


What Exactly Is TPS & Why Is It So Revolutionary...? 

Find out in this informative video created by our Corporate Team 

Join Others teams from around the WORLD as we all come together to form one big cohesive Team... One Community... One Family.

Let's Break It Down A Little...

Join One Of Our Support Team As they Cover Some Of The Basics For All Our New Starters.

Find out below how to get paid Four ways for free with TPS...


Let's Talk About The 138 Matrix - How Does Your Business Grow As TPS Grows...?


Want a more detailed explanation and a further 25 minute video link with all the information..? 

For further details and all current up to date information simply get back to your own personal support team.  


Why Do We Need A Different Way - Why VIP Global? 

We are all here to help build a community and to help everyone to monetise the new connection economy that is emerging all around us.



We hope these few videos have given you a better and bigger understanding of what we all have here with TPS. 

The possibilities really are endless and only limited by your imagination and actions... As are your own commission payments.

Ensure you get back to whoever invited you take a look at TPS and let them know how excited you are about getting involved at such an early stage in our expansion around the globe. 

Dale Llewellyn, 16th Dec, 2016

Fantastic... This will make sharing this opportunity with more people so much easier... Great page :)

Phillip Llewellyn, 29th Dec, 2016

It's time to kick it up a gear methinks... #TPSStyle #TPS138